Printed in the Quarterly Explorer Summer 2014

If you’ve been at River Road Church for the last couple months, you’ve heard rumblings of “a capital campaign,” or “the organ needs work.” If you’ve been at River Road for the last couple of weeks, then you’ve seen that a capital campaign has come to life, and the organ needing work is a reality as well as our sanctuary lighting and sound systems.

With the campaign in full swing, we are doing our best to educate and inform our members not only of the problems, but also what the future for River Road is with these improvements. By now you’ve received the campaign booklet which thoroughly lays out the campaign and the vision the Rejoice & Give Thanks.

Each week in worship we’ve been hearing the voices of our campaign leadership, and we’ve even seen videos showing us the depths of the campaign.

We want you to have access to these resources that we have provided you and more, so we have built a micro-website specifically for the campaign. When you visit you will now be able to find anything related to the campaign.

As we provide the tangible materials, we know it is important to maintain and emphasize the reason we come to River Road Church: to worship God. June 2-6 the deacons will lead Scripture Reading & Prayer Time in the Chapel.

When you belong to a church family, you are part of a community that embraces you and the fellowship you get to share. Fellowship has played an important part in the Rejoice & Give Thanks campaign because it all leads to us sitting in the pews and worshipping God on Sundays in the sanctuary. We have had a number of fellowship occasions including our Advance Commitment Celebrations on May 28 and 29 where we gathered and learned how we can support this campaign.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, June 8 when the campaign culminates. After worship we will celebrate the campaign, celebrate its success, celebrate our sanctuary, and celebrate River Road Church. After all, it is God’s House, and it’s Our Time.

Dear God: Made in your image, we are a people who build, restore, and bind. With your early followers, we found your presence sacred, and wished to set aside a place in which you would be extolled and praised. You gave us music to enhance the depths of our soul’s voice in expressing praise and gratitude to you in worship, and we have built a sanctuary to voice our thanksgiving, hope, and faith. We now join hands and voices to restore the brilliance of the notes that have called us to follow, and to believe in richer ways. Bless now our efforts to make your melody ring pure and faithfully for generations to come, and stir the music within these walls with the highest dimension of your presence —that we may celebrate your majesty and grace with fidelity to your music in our hearts. May the sacred sounds in our worship reflect the valued measure of Your worth and significance to us, and stir our hearts to love you and our neighbor as ourselves. — by Dan Bagby & the Spiritual Team

A Congregation Rejoicing & Giving Thanks
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