What gets lost in the celebration of the amount pledged to our capital campaign is that we already have over half a million dollars in hand.  This is allowing us to already begin to move forward in making these projects a reality!

We are already nearing completion of the console design, and the plan for the minor tonal modifications is almost complete.  Final agreements should be  forthcoming from our vendors  in the next couple of weeks for both of these as well as for the organ overhaul.

We are in contact with a builder of the lift mechanism, who is creating a design for the console lift and also an agreement for this work.

We will also need to make modifications to the wooden modesty rail if the organ is going to not only have the capability to be lifted up but also moved out for concerts.  To that end, we have identified a master carpenter (Doug Phelps) to help us with the modifications to the wooden modesty rail.

In all of this, our outside consultant for the organ committee, Jonathan Ambrosino, is helping to facilitate many of the above steps.

While it is still very early in the process, we seem to be on-track for delivery and installation of the new console in early 2015; we are still hopeful the work on restoring the pipes and the tonal modifications will begin summer 2015.

Not Standing Still
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