The new console will be finished around April 2015. Instead of hooking up the new console to the old pipes for two-three months before those are taken out in the summer, we will NOT hook up the new console. Instead, we will continue to use the electronic organ. We will wait until the entire project is done (including the pipes) before installing the new console (this will be around August 2016). Thus, in August 2016, all the new components (console and pipes) will be put together. Until that time, we will continue using the electronic organ.

The reason for this change is that the time between the completion of the new console and when the pipes will be removed is now shorter than initially expected (two-three months, instead of five-six). Also, the original plan would have involved multiple wiring jobs: the new console to existing pipes, disconnecting the wiring when the pipes are taken to be refurbished, then re-wiring the new console to the pipes after they have been refurbished. This is more complicated and error-prone. So, in discussions with our consultant and all the involved vendors, the above changes were made.

Finally, it is possible that the pipes may be taken in mid-August 2015, instead of late-July 2015. At this point, we do not anticipate that this will affect the expected completion date of late summer 2016.

Organ Console Delivery and Plan
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