While it is nearly impossible to say exactly when everything will be completely finished, some of the intermediary steps in the process are coming into better focus along with their timing.

Here is a brief rundown of how we envision the organ installation processing proceeding as of the time of this post. While we won’t come back and update this post, we will be endeavoring to keep the timeline page up to date as dates becomes known or shift.

Some dates are approximate and in some cases they are guesses.

  • Sunday Oct 12, after worship service: Doug Phelps removes wooden modesty rail to his workshop
  • Monday Oct 13 (or so), delivery of new electronic console.  It will be temporarily located near where Mike Clingenpeel sits on Sunday.  We hope (but are not sure) that the speakers for the electronic instrument can be put up in the organ loft.  If not, we will have to figure out how to put them in the least conspicuous possible.
  • Oct 15-16: the current consoleis dismantled / removed; everything will be taken away, including the wooden shell.
    • We may have a temporary platform made to bring the organ pit level with the chancel floor.  If so, the electronic console could be moved into the same place the old console lived as soon as the old console is gone.  Otherwise, the electronic console will stay in area where Mike Clingenpeel sits on Sunday mornings until mid November.
    • If a temporary platform is made, we would hope this could be installed right after the old console is removed, so that the electronic console could be in position of old console for the first Sunday it is used (perhaps installed Oct 17); this may not work out.
  • Some time during week of Oct 13: we hope Doug Phelps will finish work on the modesty rail and have it back in place by the Sunday service on Oct 19. It may take him longer however, perhaps as long as 3 weeks.
    • The purpose of modifying the modesty rail is so that new console can be rolled out of its “home position” in the pit to the middle of the Sanctuary or wherever. Thus we need to be able to open the “wooden fence” around the organ console. That’s exactly the modification that Doug Phelps is doing.
  • Some time between mid October and November: Bill Rusher will help us make sure all the electrical wiring of the pit is ready for new elevator / console (we may not need to do anything).
  • Some time in November: excavation of the floor of the organ pit to take it down to the concrete about 2 inches below the current floor.  If there is a temporary platform in the organ pit, it will need to be removed prior to this.
  • Mid November: the elevator will be delivered and installed in the organ pit.  Once the elevator is there, we can put the electronic console in the organ pit if we haven’t already been able to place it there (see notes about temporary wooden platform above).
  • “Some time in early 2015” (hopefully by March): the new console will be delivered and installed.  During this time, the electronic console will be moved out of the organ pit to make way for the new console. We can probably continue to use the electronic instrument during the 3 week period when they are installing the new console.  Once the new console installation is complete, the electronic console and speakers can be returned.
  • June, 2015: work begins on pipes.  This includes restoration and minor tonal modifications.  This work will probably take at least a year, perhaps longer.

Thanks to Seth Roberts for compiling this list.

Organ Installation Timeline…Perhaps