While we had been holding just shy of a major milestone in our Rejoice and Give Thanks capital campaign, on Monday morning, LeAnne Lane, financial secretary, passed along the update:

 247 families have pledged $2,000,386.

The steering committee received the news and responded with rejoicing and thanksgiving:

  • “What a credit to this wonderful committee and this remarkable congregation.”
  • “What wonderful news! This might call for another celebration.”
  • “Who would have believed a prediction like this when we started this process three months ago?”

While the dollar figure is impressive, what is even more remarkable is the number of families and individuals who are contributing.  This is not a small handful of the church pledging for the restoration of the organ and sanctuary upgrades and enhancements.  This is a major undertaking of a substantial number of our church family.  This is even more so a reason to Rejoice and Give Thanks.

Let’s see if we can hit the next milestone: 250 families!

Pledges Surpass the $2 Million Mark