Forty-five years ago the members of River Road Church, Baptist built a house of worship to the glory of God. These people of faith envisioned a place they could come together to rejoice and give thanks. With sacrifice they made possible an expansive space in which no one could think small thoughts about God, where spirits could range as high and deep as the organ’s sounds and choir’s voices.

The sanctuary of River Road Church is ever God’s house. But now it is our time to continue, with vision and sacrifice, what a prior generation began. It is our time to restore our Möller organ, so essential to every service in our sanctuary. It is our time to upgrade the lights to illumine our sanctuary’s classic beauty and to be more efficient in our use of utilities. Because we are in the business of communicating the Gospel, it is our time to improve our sound system so everyone can hear God’s word read, sung and spoken.

Below is a short video which summarizes the rationale for and goals of the campaign.

(For the full list of videos as well as audio of testimonials given during Sunday morning worship services, visit the Videos & Testimonials page.)

Many thanks to the steering committee who has worked tirelessly to make this campaign happen.