Originally published in the Fall 2015 Quarterly Explorer

Updates provided by Seth Roberts, Bill Rusher, & RC Moore

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In June, the new organ console was delivered. It is now located in the north transept of the Sanctuary. If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to stop by and see it! It is a wonderful piece of craftsmanship. Note especially the restored ivory keys, which were taken from the original Möller console. The new console will remain in the transept until the pipe renovation is complete. At that time, the new console will be connected to the refurbished pipes.

The modifications to the modesty rail in the chancel around the organ pit are complete. The rail can now be opened, so that the organ console can be moved in and out of its home position. These modifications were expertly and beautifully completed by Doug Phelps; we are most grateful to Doug, Kristen, Chester, and their families for their generous contributions to this part of the project.

The next major event will be removal of the organ pipes for restoration. This has been pushed back to the week of September 14, 2015. This should not affect the overall planned completion date for the organ project of late summer/early fall 2016. In the meantime, we will continue to use the electronic organ currently in place. We look forward with great anticipation to the completion of the project next year. Plans are already under way for a suitable celebration/inaugural concert to mark this exciting event.


Our lighting design is being reconfigured to feature a “scalloped” effect rather than a “wash.” This was a result of input from many folks, both before and after the presentation at a April Business Meeting. New drawings will be delivered in fall 2015.


The months that have passed since the consultants were engaged and initial evaluation began in March have been filled with detail and alternative plans to secure a new sound system for the sanctuary. Each Building & Property Council meeting has contained conceptual studies and technical information that would assist in a decision on system design and installation. To assist the council in a final determination of system design, we were able to have an actual speaker system placed in the sanctuary to demonstrate the sound delivery to the congregational seating area. During the system preview, Mike Clingenpeel spoke from the pulpit so we could hear a familiar voice to help judge performance. The demonstration was but one example of the extra effort our consultant has provided in our study of the technology and available sound delivery options.

At his juncture, the Building & Property Council is continuing to meet on a monthly basis to be ready to present findings. These will include a descriptive summary of the new system, including drawings to visually show its component location, and cost options. Work continues toward this end and you can expect an announcement in the month ahead about our plans to share the end product of the council work. Our goal is to bring forth a state of the art sound system which would provide the best speech intelligibility available.

The upgrade of the sound system has been a complex topic to properly assess. However, it is exciting to envision the new capabilities in speech delivery.

Rejoice & Give Thanks Project Updates – Fall 2015
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