Originally published in the Spring 2016 Quarterly Explorer

Updates provided by Bob Gallagher, Bill Rusher, & RC Moore

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Our beautiful new console is resting in the north transept, patiently awaiting the completion of the reservoirs, windchests, and pipes to which it will be connected. Due to some delays completing their work on previous contract (also a Möller organ), Emery Brothers has asked for some extra time to finish up their part of the organ restoration. We will need to take the example of our organ console and await patiently!


We have ordered three light fixture mock-ups to be installed by the contractor and evaluated by the Building & Property Council (and others) for color, shape, brightness, and overall effectiveness. Assuming the mock-ups pass muster, then the entire light fixture order will be made. Some coordination will be needed because of the lead times on the fixtures, and to make sure the contractor is scheduled so his work does not interfere with the church schedule. With any luck, lighting upgrades could be completed by Easter.


The approval of the sound system upgrade at the November business meeting allowed the next steps to be undertaken, which were to contract for the installation of the system and related components that makeup the entire project. An AIA design- build contract was executed in January with VIcom, the primary system provider. In addition, contract details were finalized for the millwork, console installation, and structural steel for the sound columns.

A preconstruction meeting has been held to coordinate the actual installation steps and operator’s training, which will follow closely behind the completed project. A preliminary schedule was established to allow for the order and delivery of all items as well as coordination of the various firms that will participate in the project. At present, a tentative start date established is Monday, March 28, following Easter Sunday. This week will allow uninterrupted work to occur in the preschool area while the school is on spring break. As this schedule is finalized, we will confirm the exact date to be included in the church calendar. We anticipate the total construction time and startup to occur within a three-week period.

The new system is designed foremost to bring clarity to the spoken word for all in the sanctuary to hear clearly. For those that require hearing assistance, there is significant improvement in number and options of hearing devices for use when operational. Six inter-campus broadcast areas will allow those engaged during the worship hour to hear the service in progress. The system components were expanded to also include individual microphones for speakers, as well as recording for both audio and video. Once operational, new media opportunities can be utilized to communicate the recordings.

It is with excitement we provide the latest information on the sound project underway and look forward to introducing the system capabilities to the membership in the spring of 2016.

Piano Rennovations

In early March, three of our grand pianos are scheduled to be transported to the shop of David Hughes (LPT – Licensed Piano Technician) in Reisterstown, Maryland. In the course of asking for local technicians to evaluate these pianos, both our regular tuner/technician and an independent technician agreed that Mr. Hughes was an excellent choice for restoring and repairing our instruments.


Rejoice & Give Thanks Project Updates – Spring 2016
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