Originally published in the Quarterly Explorer Summer 2015

by Hilton Almond

Progress is being made on the three projects authorized by the congregation of River Road Church, Baptist in the Rejoice & Give Thanks Capital Campaign. Gifts are coming in on a regular basis: as of May 11, 2015, $1,127,699 of the greater than $2,000,000 pledged has been received. It is anticipated that sufficient funds will be received during 2015 to cover the organ, sound, lighting, and piano renovations already approved by the Church.

The lift for the organ console was installed mid-May. The modesty rail has been renovated by Doug Phelps to allow opening of the rail so that the console can be moved into the Chancel for concerts. The renovated modesty rail will be installed shortly after the lift. The new organ console has been completed and delivery is anticipated on June 9. In early July the organ pipes will be removed and shipped to Emery Brothers for repair and renovation, and the manufacture of a number of additional pipes in the Great, Choir, and Swell Divisions will also occur.

Becky Stuart has been engaged as a lighting consultant by the Building and Property Council. In addition to the use of LEDS, among the upgrades being considered are scalloping lights versus wall wash, the ability to use “dynamic white” to allow the use of different shades of white lighting, and the possibility of chandeliers in the Sanctuary. Bill Rusher gave a very informative talk in regard to all these options at the April 22 business meeting. Specific recommendations by the Building and Property Council are pending.

In regard to the renovation of the sound system, Virginia Integrated Communications (VIcom) has been engaged and approved by the Board of Administration. Onsite evaluation began March 23rd. This included documentation of present system performance; development of system drawings; and consultation with staff, sound operators, and the Building and Property Council. The initial report was received on April 7th. A second phase report has been received. It is anticipated that exact details and cost estimates will be available for consideration by the Building and Property Council in late May and final recommendations through the Board of Administration will be made early this summer before going to the church for a vote.

It is predicted that both the lighting and sound projects may be completed in 2015.

The approved piano refurbishment project will begin in 2016.

Rejoice & Give Thanks Project Updates
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