Do you remember your first job? How did it feel to be hired?

Humankind’s First Job: Genesis 1:26-28; 2:15-19

  1. God’s first assignment to Adam was “take care of it.” What does this imply?
  2. Was the job of stewardship given to Adam before or after the fall into sin? Why is this significant?
  3. What freedoms did Adam have in the garden?
  4. How were Adam’s personal needs met?
  5. Describe the partnership between God and Adam.

Defining Stewardship

The New Testament word for “steward” is “house manager.”  The steward does not own the house, just as Adam did not own the garden, but manages it on behalf of the owner.

  1. Identify and list the responsibilities of a manager and those of an owner.
  2. Describe how an effective partnership between an owner and a manager might work. What would that look like? How would they communicate and cooperate?

A Prime Example of Stewardship: Genesis 39:2-6

  1. How was Joseph an effective manager?
  2. How did Potiphar demonstrate his trust in Joseph?
  3. Describe Joseph’s freedom as a steward.
  4. What made this an effective partnership?


  1. Our first God-given responsibility is stewardship.
  2. We have been given great freedom with which to exercise our stewardship.
  3. God retains ownership of all; we manage God’s resources.
  4. Stewardship is our privilege of partnering with God in God’s work on earth.


  1. Do you see yourself as God’s trusted partner in the management of God’s resources?
  2. How do you exercise the freedoms God has given you in your partnership with God?
  3. How does it make you feel to know that God trusts you in God’s work?


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