Imagine yourself as a partner in a family business. Your parent owns the company, but you and all your siblings participate as managers by providing your best and cooperative efforts to achieve the company’s goals. This is God’s invitation and intent for God’s children.

Managing the Family Business: Matthew 25:14-15

  1. Notice who “owns” the talents (money).
  2. How did the master demonstrate confidence in each steward?
  3. How much freedom was each steward given to practice stewardship?
  4. What was the master’s intention for each steward?

Matthew 25:16-23

  1. Notice that the same commendation was given to each responsible steward regardless of the amount of resources being managed. What does this indicate?
  2. Discuss the relationship between the freedom and the accountability of a steward.
  3. What was the master’s expectation of these stewards and were the stewards aware of it?
  4. Consider your personal response to the Master’s question, “What did you do with what you were given?”

The Purpose of Stewardship; Why God Wants Us to Give: Exodus 35

  1. In this first biblical record of dramatic generosity, God calls God’s people to give for the construction of the tabernacle.
  2. God could have miraculously provided the tabernacle but called the people to give as God’s partners in the family business. Explain how God was building a people more than a place.


  1. God invites us to work with the Owner in the family business by managing God’s resources to fulfill God’s work on earth.
  2. We have been given great freedom with which to exercise our stewardship.
  3. We are ultimately accountable for the resources entrusted to us.
  4. Great achievements in God’s work are the result of a generous Owner in partnership with faithful managers.


  1. As a boy of twelve Jesus said, “I must be about my Father’s business.” How might this apply to us?
  2. Do you view your material resources as your opportunity to participate in God’s business in the world?
  3. How does it make you feel to know that God trusts you and is counting on you to be an active partner in accomplishing God’s will and work on earth?


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