Why Money Matters

Of all we do in church services today, nothing is more historically and biblically worship than when we present our gifts to God. Giving is pure worship and its symbolism is significant.

2 Samuel 24:18-25

  1. Why did King David refuse Araunah’s generous offer?
  2. Was David’s gift more valuable because he paid for it?
  3. What was God really seeking from David?

Matthew 6:21

  1. Why does Jesus link purse and person so intimately?
  2. What makes money such an emotional topic?
  3. Discuss the statement, “Where I spend my money is where I spend my life?”
  4. How does our spending reflect our life and values?

Mark 12:41-44

  1. Why was Jesus unimpressed with the larger gifts in this story?
  2. What made the widow’s gift so valuable?

Mark 14:3-9

  1. The perfume was valued at a laborer’s annual income. Scholars have suggested this must have been Mary’s marriage dowry. If so, then what was the real value of her gift?
  2. Why did Jesus so value this offering?


  1. The value of a gift before God is not determined by its dollar amount.
  2. God seeks gifts that accurately reflect our life, labor, and love.
  3. One of the ways we invest our lives is by investing our financial resources.
  4. Our values are reflected through our generosity.


  1. Have you considered that your giving and generosity should touch your lifestyle as well as your bank account?
  2. Do you see a correlation between investing your life in a worthy cause by giving generously to it?
  3. Why does God value generosity as part of the Christian lifestyle?
  4. How has God in Christ demonstrated generosity in giving?


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