How do I know how much to give?

Equal sacrifice, not equal gifts

Sacrificial giving has less to do with the size of the gift than it does with what it costs us to offer it. Our “ask” in this campaign is for equal sacrifice, not equal gifts. As you contemplate the three-year period ahead, consider how God may be calling you to use your gifts for God’s church in every way. Consider your talents. Consider your resources. Consider your time. How will you sacrifice to contribute to the restoration of God’s house at River Road Church? Consider this an invitation to look into your heart, pray, and be open to the answer. As you consider your gift, know it has an important place in our corporate gift to God and God’s kingdom in this place.

Planning Your Giving

Giving does not have to be in equal increments over the three-year period of the campaign. You might be able to give more in year three than in years one or two. As you think about your financial commitment to the campaign, think not just of your potential to give right now, but also of your potential to give in the future. It might be that you can make a three-year commitment where 20% is given in year one, 30% in year two and 50% in year three.

As you consider what we have pledged to do for our church — our worship space — and the part you will play in it, remember that making a contribution to our capital stewardship campaign is not primarily about giving money to the church. It is about taking an active part in sharing the good news of the Gospel through the ministries of River Road Church. It is about strengthening our relationship with God through worship and with each other in this community of faith. It is about teaching our children and leading them in the way they should go. With these things in mind, before your final decision is made, evaluate the commitment you are planning by considering these questions:

  • Have I considered my gift in conversation with God? Have I listened for God’s voice?
  • Does my gift represent for me a genuine sacrifice for God and God’s church?
  • Does my gift express the thanks I feel for the ways Christ and His church have blessed my family?