Originally published in the 2017 Spring Quarterly Explorer

In mid-February the Building and Property Council began the anticipated test of the reconfigured line array speakers. This test period was planned to accommodate Daniel Glaze’s start as our new pastor, to avoid the special events during the Christmas season, and to follow the installation service February 12.

Months of analysis with both VIcom, our sound contractor, and multiple outside consultants have concluded an alternate location in the Sanctuary would provide the best opportunity for the system to provide the increased speech intelligibility to the congregation. The plan includes a contingency for return to the pew back system should there be complications during the period of the test.

The test period has run over several Sundays to obtain both objective sound measurements and direct feedback from those seated in the pews. An evaluation reply sheet was provided on the test Sundays to mark each individual’s location and questions to evaluate the hearing experience at each seating position. This feedback is most important in the evaluation process and Building Property Council appreciates your active participation in this process.

During the testing, temporary stands were in place to mount the speakers, which were in use only for the test Sundays. These stands are movable and will be removed following the test period. Care was taken to paint these mounts to match our columns; however, they will not be used in the final installation, only during the few weeks of testing. Included in this test were new wide angle speakers for the choir area seating which will be utilized in temporary form during the test and permanently mounted during final completion of the sound system.

After the test Sundays, results will be tabulated and analyzed, we will then work to design and install a revised system, which will be in keeping with the room architecture. Assisting during the test and in the design, Cox & Associates Architects will provide necessary details to accomplish a final installation plan. These plans, when ready, will be shared prior to implementation.

As has been reported, this has been a most difficult sound solution to implement successfully; however, at no time has there been waiver in achieving success. To that end we ask your continued patience and participation in this important test.

Sound System Update – Spring 2017
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