Originally published in the Fall 2016 Quarterly Explorer

Update provided by RC Moore

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The sound system installation phase was undertaken and completed on time and with adherence to the plans and schedule established. The tests performed for performance on May 2nd and 29th confirmed the deficiencies experienced during the month of use. Since that time we have been operating on the new digital system but with sound being produced from the pew back speakers. VIcom repaired 13 non-functioning pew back speakers and additional equipment to accomplish this step. This interim solution was taken to allow time to review the design build process and access the modifications necessary to achieve our stated performance criteria.

VIcom has committed resources to the corrective action steps and is currently in an evaluation phase to determine the proper course of action to correct the identified design error. There are four areas of modification under concentrated study and we anticipate a report at the August meeting of the Building Property Council. The corrections are much more than an adjustment and it was necessary to allow time to properly assess a recommended solution. Despite the financial burden it has placed on the firm, management of VIcom have committed their time and talents to a solution.

The difficulties experienced were unexpected and disappointing; however the goal remains to complete the project with an end product that improves the worship experience. As this process moves forward we have the benefit of the improved hearing devices and a very functional video recording system in use. Further updates will follow as the modifications to the sound system are planned and executed.

Sound Update – Fall 2016
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