As folks are likely aware, the old console has been removed. The temporary Rogers electronic organ is in place, along with the speakers and associated equipment in the organ lofts. We will continue with this set-up through the Christmas season.

Around Dec 29 – Dec 30, the modesty rail will be removed for modifications and be gone for several weeks. THIS IS A CHANGE. The reason the modifications will take so long is technical, but basically it has to do with the mechanism we are creating to allow the console to be moved in and out of home position, and also with what we’ve learned about the structure of the modesty rail itself.

Mid-January: the console lift will be installed. We wanted to wait for this until the modesty rail was down. The Rogers console will be moved out of the way, the temporary platform in the organ pit will be taken out, the lift installed, then the Rogers console will be put back in the home position. Once the lift is installed, we can adjust the height of the Rogers console (now it sits a bit high).

Early to Mid-February: the modified modesty rail will be re-installed. Once this is done, there will be 2 hinged doors that can be opened to allow the console to be moved to different places in the chancel. The modifications will not be visible to most people in the church. If you walk up next to the modesty rail, you will see 3 new ‘seams’, 2 of them for the hinging mechanism, and one in the center where the two movable sections meet in the middle. The seams will look much like the seams on the side of the modesty rail, where the choir enters / exits every Sunday, only there will be no hinges visible on the outside. The modesty rail will continue to be symmetrical in structure to the modesty rail on the other side of the chancel aisle.

Late-February: New console will be delivered and installed. This is our current best guess.

June, 2015: Work on the pipes begins. The thinking now is that we will do all the pipe work at once. THIS IS A CHANGE. We would NOT just take 1 half of the instrument at a time. We would take the WHOLE THING AT ONCE. Doing it this way would mean that the whole thing would be done in about 1 year (pipes back in by Fall of 2016, hopefully). While the pipes are gone, we could 1) use the Rogers electronic instrument we have, 2) use our new console with speakers and a system that “samples” the sounds of our Moller pipes, or 3) some combination of 1 and 2. We are carefully thinking through and examining these options.

As always, timeline and plans may change. We are continue to learn new things, and to come up against unexpected challenges that change our thinking and how things are sequenced.

The Console is Gone. What’s Next?