There has been significant activity in recent days to report. The consulting contract was completed and executed along with other contract documents required of the two consultants prior to the start of their onsite activities. Virginia Integrated Communication Virginia Beach, Virginia and Acoustical Design Collaborative, LTD Baltimore, Maryland comprise the team that will assist with recommendations for a replacement system along with audio and video enhancements. The initial investigative work began on Monday, March 23rd and was completed on Wednesday, March 25th. During this time five members of the two firms performed performance testing of the existing system and computer aided measurements for modeling used to develop a replacement system recommendation.

During the onsite time meetings occurred to establish an outline of system requirements complied from input from the church’s professional staff, members of the sound operators group, and the Building Property Council members. The consultants were able to describe their work results to provide firsthand insights into the present system operational characteristics and identified deficiencies. A sanctuary tour was also included in the combined sessions to point out ideas and to establish boundaries related to architectural detail. It should again be emphasized we are focusing on speech intelligibility improvement while fully respecting the rooms sound qualities for music.

In a short time we will receive a fully documented report of the field work to establish an understanding of the parameters we will be working with to development specifications for a replacement system.  There will be a follow up meeting to review the report and initial recommendations tentatively set for the last week in April.

It is clear from the summary discussion following the field work last week there is need for upgrade to our dated system installed in 1972. The prospect for improvement is exciting and the committee will share further information as quickly as it is developed.

The First Sound Assessment is Underway
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